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Presented by Foggy Notions

Adrian Crowley & Matthew Nolan & Guests

The Fumbally Stables

Jan. 19, 2024

7:30 p.m.

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Adrian Crowley & Matthew Nolan & Guests

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Adrian Crowley (Mellotron and Loops) & Matthew Nolan (Electric Guitar and synth)
Damien Lennon (Bass VI) & Hugh O’Neill (Trumpet)
Sharon Phelan (Electronics)
Sharon Phelan is a Dublin-based artist, writer and musician specialising in digital media and sound. Her practice researches resonance and poetics of place, often in site-responsive and collaborative projects. Her ongoing project, Vocal Artefacts, explores ways of listening and expanded notions of voice through artistic research, field recordings and sound essays.
Matthew Nolan is a Dublin based musician, composer, academic and curator. Since 2015, he has produced new work in collaboration with some of the finest musicians around, both Irish and international. He has worked on commissions from a range of prestigious performing arts institutions, including the National Gallery of Ireland, BAM and the Film at Lincoln Centre in New York, The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., Kilkenny Arts Festival, Bram Stoker Festival and the St Patrick’s Festival. He developed two major new works for 2022 – with the MoLI in Dublin and the Film Society at Lincoln Centre in New York. 2024 will see the release of his Pomes Penyeach project with Adrian Crowley by Universal Music.
Adrian Crowley is a songwriter, singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He grew up in Galway and now calls Dublin home. A prolific recording artist, he was nominated on three occasions for the Choice Music Prize and won the award in 2010 for his album, Season of The Sparks. Attempted comparisons with Adrian Crowley’s powerfully emotive, complex and contemplative songs range from Scott Walker to Ivor Cutler, Lou Reed to Nick Cave, but the potency of his rich baritone voice and haunting lyrical narratives, amid settings that alternate sweeping sonic majesty with ghostly starkness, is uniquely his own.
Damien Lennon is a founder member, composer and bass player with Zeropunkt. As a solo or collaborating artist he has composed, performed and recorded across the US, Europe, and Ireland, from John Gotti's favourite New York barbershop, to the coal towns of West Virginia, and back to the National Concert Hall. His solo work (often under the moniker Neurozizklone) turns on processed bass VI, a tenor-like instrument tuned like a guitar, but an octave lower. The music at times recalls the ragas of La Monte Young, shoegaze guitarscapes, and the spatial melancholy of spaghetti westerns, in an abstract electrical hauntology that is both lulling and unsettling.
Hugh O'Neill is a Dublin born composer based in Kerry. His work incorporates the trumpet and electronic music, algorithmic, and found sound, abstracting these in the creation of eclectic elements and structures. He studied composition with Donnacha Dennehy and Roger Doyle at Trinity College Dublin, and trumpet at the Royal Irish Academy and Berklee College Boston. He has played in innumerable bands and styles, ranging from salsa to free jazz, and has recorded and performed live with figures such as Miriam Ingram, Kila, Sack, The Frames, Nina Hynes, David Lacey, Julie Feeney, Roger Doyle, Heavy Flow and Space Hopper amongst others. Of late he has been playing regularly with spontaneous composition outfit Zeropunkt.

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