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The Button Factory

May 22, 2023 & May 23, 2023

8 p.m.

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22nd May SOLD OUT. 23rd May on sale now.

OSEES Announce UK / Ireland Tour, Share "Scum Show" Video
"On the new record, the band rips through 10 no-bullshit, lo-fi punk ragers in just 22 minutes. Each track pares things down to pay homage to hardcore’s beautiful simplicity while working in menacing, bad-trip electronics to shake off any illusion of this record being a simple genre exercise [...] The album is a joyous, lightning-crack celebration of the crusty kids out there creating classics without a care in the world about whether their records adhered to any rules of fidelity."- Paste Magazine
"High-octane explorers Osees take a 'scum-punk' turn with intense new album, A Foul Form, their most urgent and topically engaged to date"-Uncut
"The album is a mass of major chord distortion, everything dialled up to ten, not just in the red but bleeding from the mixing desk through saturated smoke-filled and fueled mayhem [...] On A Foul Form, they have shredded their recent formulas, incinerated them and conjured something from the ashes that just might be their most brutal creation. It’s a total blast!" - Louder than War
Brain stem cracking scum-punk recorded tersely in the basement of my home. After a notoriously frustrating eon the knee-jerk song path was aggressive and hooky. This is an homage to the punk bands we grew up on. The weirdos and art freaks that piqued our interests and pointed us on the trail head to here/now. Bad times make for strong music is something I agree with. I would say that is evident by the past few years of output from the underground. Transmissions have been all over the map. scanning… searching… sweeping out in the darkness looking for a foot hold. A Foul From represents some of our most savage & primal instincts. Fight or flight. And the importance of a sense of humor in the darkest hour. Nothing wrong with keeping it snappy in the meantime. For fans of Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Screamers, Abwarts, Stooges and all things aggressively tilted towards your face. You can lean back but don’t flinch…it’s a brief foray into the exhausting pogo pit so stiffen your back and jerk with your knees. Enjoy JPD

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