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Presented by Foggy Notions

In association with Cork Midsummer Festival

Places of Comfort - Curated by Leagues O'Toole

June 23, 2021 - June 25, 2021

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Places of Comfort - Curated by Leagues O'Toole

Over the last year, through the restrictive nature of the climate, people have sought out and identified places of comfort close to their homes to reflect in. Curator Leagues O'Toole will collaborate with three musicians to create individual artistic responses to their places of comfort in the weeks leading up to the Festival. As the work develops, details of the separate projects and an insight into the process of curating and creating the work will be shared, culminating in online presentations of the music over the final week of the Festival
"I've been thinking a lot about how we killed the hours of the pandemic period, how we walked in circles within the 5km parameters. The public health guidelines were designed to protect ourselves, but with the restrictions and limitations came a sense of suffocation. The ordinary free-moving way of life we had taken for granted all our lives had suddenly become very apparent. The constant sense of uncertainty of when we would return to our accustomed way of life weighed heavily on us. We yearned for simple social pleasures. I found myself gravitating to the same places near my home where, often inexplicably, I felt able to breath or reflect or focus on something mundane or comforting to take my mind away from the layers of anxiety that came hand in hand with the restrictions. I've asked three music-based artists who lived in Cork during this period to create a tribute of sorts to their own personal places of comfort and to explore the reasons why through their individual means of expression." - Leagues O'Toole

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